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UK: Control orders should be scrapped, says Amnesty as another control order is revoked

Reacting to news reports today that another Control Order has been revoked, this time against a man known as ‘AE’, Amnesty International UK Campaigns Director Tim Hancock said:

“It is entirely right that the Control Order against AE, and anyone else subjected to such punitive measures on the basis of secret information, should be revoked.

“If there’s evidence that someone has committed a crime they should be charged and put on trial. For that trial to be fair, the accused must be able to mount a proper defence – and that means they must be given sufficient information about the case against them.

“Fair trials are not an obstacle to be gotten around: they are a founding principle of international justice that must be respected.

“It’s time the government acknowledges that Control Orders are as unworkable as they are unjust, and scraps the system altogether.”

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