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UK: Churches to support Human Rights Day with Amnesty International

Amnesty has provided a pack for all churches wanting to hold a special service on Sunday December 11 – the day after Human Rights Day – to remember those facing persecution, torture and other human rights abuses.

The pack includes a simple set of service cards and an Amnesty prayer. The congregation will also be encouraged during the service to take part in Amnesty’s annual Greetings Card Campaign.

The Greetings Card Campaign provides people in the UK with an opportunity to send cards to those imprisoned solely for their beliefs, those under sentence of death, those held without charge or due process and others at risk of human rights abuse.

Helen Berhane, a Christian gospel singer from Eritrea, is an example of the people featured in this year’s campaign.

Arrested for refusing to renounce her faith, Helen is believed to be imprisoned in a metal shipping container at a military camp, north of the capital Asmara. Such containers have no washing or toilet facilities and are swelteringly hot during the day and freezing cold at night.

Speaking about the Greeting Card Campaign, Amnesty International’s UK director, Kate Allen said, “Sending these cards is a simple yet effective way of offering a great sense of hope and solidarity to people around the world.

“During a season when so many of us are sending messages of goodwill to friends and family, we’re asking people to add an extra card to their list and really make a difference for people under threat,” Kate Allen continued.

The Human Rights Day service provides churches and congregations an opportunity to promote shared ideals of truth, freedom and justice for all people and the greetings card campaign is one way in which this can become a reality.

Speaking of Amnesty’s work, the singer-songwriter Daniel O’Donnell said, “One voice can inspire, but many voices can become a powerful choir orchestrating change.

"Through our faith we can work together to support Amnesty International’s campaigns for justice, freedom, truth and fundamental human rights."

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