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UK: Anti-terrorism measures – MPs should reject bill

Amnesty International UK Campaigns Director Stephen Bowen said:

"With all of the detail around 'concessions' and amendments to this legislation, we shouldn’t lose sight of the simple fact that depriving people of their liberty without even putting people on trial is plain wrong.

"Instead of plunging into murky waters where house arrest can be imposed via a secretive and unfair process, we call upon all parliamentarians to defend the principle that everyone in the United Kingdom should receive a fair trial.

"Amnesty International has always said that the government has a duty to defend everyone in this country from terrorism as well as a duty to safeguard hard-worn human rights. Today it’s time to stand up for human rights."

On the morning of 9 March Amnesty International and Liberty supporters mounted a 'living room in a cage' protest outside Parliament to reinforce a message in support of human rights.

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