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UK: Amnesty reaction to proposed extension of pre-charge detention

Amnesty International today (2 February) warned against extending the period for which people suspected of terrorism offences can be held without charge.

Amnesty International UK Campaigns Director Tim Hancock said:

“The government should think very carefully about the impact of any decision to allow people to be detained for even longer periods without charge.

“Already, terrorism suspects can be held for nearly a month – when someone suspected of murder can only be held for four days before they must be charged.

“The Home Secretary concedes that there has been no instance where more than 28 days were needed by the police. Any extension is going to throw massive doubt on the government’s commitment to justice, fairness and human rights – particularly when these measures are likely to impact disproportionately on the Muslim community.

“The right to be promptly charged is the dividing line between liberty and arbitrary detention.”

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