Torture is not a game, says Amnesty

Amnesty International today (12 October) reacted to the launch of a new computer viral promoting the film Saw IV where players torture celebrities using electric drills, knives and spiked clubs ( ).

Sara MacNeice, Amnesty International UK Campaigner on terrorism, security and human rights, said:

"Torture isn't something funny that happens to celebrities. It's horrific and it is happening right now to real people.

"If people want to see what's really going on - and do something to stop it - they should join the thousands who've Unsubscribed from torture and terror at quot;

Amnesty International this week launched Unsubscribe, a major new campaign to combat human rights abuses in the “war on terror”.

The new campaign asks people who are opposed to terrorism and human rights abuses in the “war on terror” - such as torture and illegal detention - to unite behind a defence of human rights online, bringing them together using social media like Facebook, Bebo and MySpace linked to a central hub at

As part of its online campaigning, Amnesty has produced a powerful new online film called “Waiting For The Guards”. Directed by Marc Hawker and Ishbel Whitaker, and featuring an acclaimed performance artist Jiva Parthipan, the two-minute film shows the intense suffering of a hooded prisoner during a horrifyingly realistic recreation of “stress and duress” torture.

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