Torture complicity: Parliamentary committee's inquiry call 'absolutely right'

Commenting on the new report from the parliamentary Joint Select Committee on Human Rights on alleged complicity from UK agents in torture overseas, Amnesty International UK Director Kate Allen said:

'The Committee is absolutely right to call on the government to allow a full, independent inquiry into all aspects of alleged complicity by the UK in torture, 'rendition', illegal detention and other human right abuses.

'Amnesty has been calling for an inquiry for months and the sense we are getting is that the government is still trying to brush this issue under the carpet.

'Almost every week brings fresh allegations that British agents either turned a blind eye to the torture of illegally-held detainees or arranged for the 'fruits' of torture sessions to be delivered to them.

'As the allegations mount it’s no longer enough to simply trot out bland denials about how the government doesn’t condone torture. Instead, we need an announcement that there will be a full inquiry as soon as possible.'


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