Sudan: UN resolution welcome, but not enough to protect human rights

Amnesty International has urged the UN Security Council and all UN member states to take more effective action to end the massive human rights violations in Darfur, including to:

  • increase the number of UN human rights observers, and strengthen resources for the African Union ceasefire monitoring and protection force
  • suspend arms transfers likely to be used to commit human rights violations not only to non-governmental groups in Darfur, but also to the Sudanese government.
  • create an international Commission of Inquiry which could investigate impartially and independently the extent of war crimes and crimes against humanity committed in the region and allegations of genocide. This Commission of Inquiry could also suggest mechanisms for the sustainable return, in conditions of safety and dignity, of displaced people to their villages.
  • demand the unconditional release of prisoners of conscience detained in connection with the conflict in Darfur, including human rights defenders, lawyers and community leaders; and the release of others prisoners detained in connection with the conflict unless they are brought promptly to trial according to international standards for fair trials. Some 200 are still detained, despite a commitment by the Sudanese government under the April 2004 ceasefire on Darfur to release all prisoners “detained in connection with the conflict.” Amnesty International fears that those detained, particularly in detention centres or military camps in Darfur, remain at risk of torture and death.
  • demand an end to impunity but without recourse to unfair judicial processes such as Special courts in Darfur. Darfur Special courts are not a solution, they are part of a repressive government policy which denies the Darfurians their basic human rights.

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