Somalia: Amputation punishments are 'torture' says Amnesty

Amnesty International condemns the cross amputations carried out on four teenagers earlier today by al-Shabab armed militia in northern Mogadishu.

Ali Mohamudi Geedi, Osmail Kalif Abdule, Jeylani Mohamed Had and Abdulkadir Adow Hirale had their right hands and left legs amputated by al-Shabab insurgents in front of a crowd of local people this morning.

Amnesty International Africa Programme Deputy Director, Tawanda Hondora said:

“These punishments amount to torture. The horrific nature of such acts that were carried out in front of a crowd adds further injustice and dehumanises these teenagers.”

Amnesty International insists that all parties to the conflict, including members of the al-Shabab armed group are bound by norms of international humanitarian law that prohibits torture in all circumstances. Wilfully committing such acts constitutes a war crime.

The four young men were convicted of robbery by an unofficial al-Shabab court, with no due process. On Monday (22 June), Amnesty International appealed to the armed group not to carry out the amputations.

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