Shortlist for Amnesty's Media Awards 2012 announced

Amnesty International UK has announced the shortlist for its prestigious annual Media Awards.

The shortlists are announced in nine categories, covering print, broadcast and online journalism. Additionally, the Gaby Radio Memorial Award will be made to a journalist who has been covering human rights issues for less than five years and a Student Award will be made for those even newer to human rights journalism. (For full details of the shortlisted entries, see below).

Amnesty’s Media Awards, now in their 21st year, recognise excellence in human rights reporting and acknowledge journalism’s significant contribution to the UK public’s awareness and understanding of human rights issues. The winners of this year’s Amnesty International UK Media Awards will be announced in a ceremony at the BFI in central London on Tuesday 29 May.

Amnesty International UK Media Director Mike Blakemore said:

“There are some amazingly strong entries in this year’s awards.

“It’s been interesting to see how the protests in the Middle East and North Africa have been reflected in the entries, but also fascinating to see such a breadth of topics covered.

“The important thing is that these awards both reflect and to some extent nurture high-quality human rights journalism. This year’s impressive shortlist continues that tradition.”

Last year’s Media Awards went to BBC Radio 4, the Belfast Telegraph, the Bureau of Investigative Journalism, Channel 4 News, CNN International, the Guardian, Guardian Weekend Magazine, GQ Magazine, the Independent, Marie Claire, More 4, the Sunday Times Magazine and VERITA Magazine.

Previous winning journalists have included Ghaith Abdul-Ahad, Lucy Ash, Andrew Gilligan, Lindsey Hilsum, Alan Johnston, Sue Lloyd-Roberts, Eamonn McCann, Jonathan Miller, Gaby Rado and Mike Thomson. More information at:


Deaths in Custody: A Case to Answer, Bureau of Investigative Journalism
Dan Bell, Iain Overton, Stuart Griffiths, Charlie Mole, Rachel Oldroyd, Angus Stickler

The Execution of Troy Davis, Guardian
Ed Pilkington, Guardian Digital Team

Voices from Dark Places: Exposing the Crimes of the Assad Regime, Al Jazeera
Annasofie Flamand, Hugh Macleod

JUDGES: Anna Doble, Wesley Johnson, Sam Strudwick, Jody Thompson

Horror in Homs, Channel 4 News

Midnight’s Children's rights; Kenya is on the Brink of its own Disaster; ‘Bridenapping’: A Growing Hidden Crime, Independent on Sunday
Emily Dugan

Nigeria: Sex, Lies and Black Magic; Uganda’s Miracle Babies; Honduras: Diving into Danger, Channel 4 Unreported World
Jenny Kleeman

JUDGES:  Mike Blakemore, Janet Murray, Louis Rado, Ritula Shah, Jon Snow

Bahrain: Shouting in the Dark, Al Jazeera
May Ying Welsh, Jon Blair

Assignment: Blasphemy: A Matter of Life and Death, BBC World Service
Caroline Finnigan, Bridget Harney, Jill McGivering, Bushra Taskeen

Death in the Desert: A CNN Freedom Project Documentary, CNN
Sheri England, Mohamed Fahmy, Tim Lister, Earl Nurse, Frederik Pleitgen

JUDGES: Jane Corbin, Mark Galloway, Flora Hunter, Sean Ryan, Thomas Schultz-Jagow

Nature’s Defenders, New Internationalist
Vanessa Baird

The Art Issue: Art or Vandalism?; Russia's Robin Hood; China’s New Deal, Index On Censorship
Yasmine El Rashidi, Nick Sturdee, Simon Kirby (respectively)

JUDGES: Richard Horton, Maggie Paterson, Rod Stanley, Emma Tucker, Jenny Wood

The Rape of Men, Observer Magazine
Will Storr

1000,000 Ghosts of Baghdad, Mail on Sunday Live Magazine
Evan Williams

JUDGES: Richard Horton, Maggie Paterson, Rod Stanley, Emma Tucker, Jenny Wood

In Europe’s last Dictatorship all Opposition is Mercilessly Crushed; ‘My Husband Phoned to Say he was Going to the Sauna ... We Never Saw Him Again’; RBS Helped Bankroll Europe's Last Dictatorship, Independent
Jerome Taylor

Investigation into Undercover Policing of Protest, Guardian
Paul Lewis, Rob Evans

We Live in Fear of a Massacre, Sunday Times
Marie Colvin

JUDGES: Mike Blakemore, Jemima Khan, Iain Overton, Michelle Stanistreet, Joel Taylor

Gaddafi’s Secret Policemen Came to Talk to Me, Sunday Herald
David Pratt

Torso in the Thames, ITN for ITV London Tonight
Ronke Phillips, Faye Nickolds

Women's rights's rightss rights's rights's rights's rights of the World’s Slums, Sunday Herald
David Pratt

JUDGES: David Cornock, Helena Drakakis, Mike Gilson, Shabnum Mustapha, Naresh Puri

A Place to Stay - Dale Farm, Times
Mary Turner

Human Rights Abuses in Egypt, NUJ Egyptian revolution exhibition
Lewis Whyld

The Rattle Of War And The Pain Of Hunger, Guardian
Robin Hammond

JUDGES: Stuart Freedman, Colin Jacobson, Jenny Matthews, Maggie Paterson, Kelly Preedy

Afghanistan: Counting the Cost, BBC Radio 4 Today and The World Tonight
Nina Manwaring, Ceri Thomas, Mike Thomson

Victoria Derbyshire in Guantánamo Bay, BBC Radio 5 Live
Louisa Compton, Victoria Derbyshire, Rob Halon

JUDGES: Jane Anderson, Mike Blakemore, Henry Bonsu, Mariella Frostrup

The Curious Case of John Oguchuckwu, Glasgow Guardian
Amy Mackinnon

Democracy Criminalised in East Jerusalem, Brig Newspaper (Stirling University’s Online Student Voice)
Boel Marcks Von Wurtemberg

Living in Exile, Life 360: Cardiff University’s International Journalism Magazine
Paul Dharamraj

JUDGES: Nes Cazimoglu, Sean Coughlan, Guy Gunaratne, Hannah Livingstone, Sophie Mei Lan, Yasser Ranjha, Hannah Shaw

Enemies of the People (Voices from The Killing Fields), More 4
Rob Lemkin, Stefan Ronowicz, Thet Sambath

Give up Tomorrow, BBC4 Storyville
Michael Collins, Nick Fraser, Eric Daniel Metzgar, Marty Syjuco

Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields, ITN Productions for Channel 4
Callum Macrae, Chris Shaw, Jon Snow

JUDGES: John Amaechi, Mike Blakemore, Clemency Burton-Hill, Alison Rooper, Kim Sengupta

Battle for Misrata, ITV News
John Irvine, Arti Lukha, Sean Swan, Tim Singleton, Deborah Turness

Horror in Homs, Channel 4 News
Agnieszka Liggett, “Mani”, Jonathan Miller, Nevine Mabro, Teresa Smith

Undercover in Homs, BBC Newsnight
Amanda Gunn, Sue Lloyd Roberts

JUDGES: Mike Blakemore, Lyse Doucet, Julie Etchingham, Tim Miller, Mike Radford

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