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Sex, Love and Homophobia Exhbition opens with Pride

Thursday 1st September 2005

"Love is a Human Right" says Amnesty International Wales, as it launches Sex, Love and Homophobia, an exhibition on its world premier tour, at 5.30pm in Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff on Friday 2nd September.

Vanessa Baird, New Internationalist Editor and author of the book on which the exhibition is based, will open the evening with an exclusive talk and tour of the 28 colourful panels, alphabetically introducing themes associated with the persecution and celebration of same sex relationships.

˜Prejudice against people based on their sexuality is, sadly, all too common in Wales and around the world", said Amnesty International Wales Programme Director, Eleanor White.

˜This exhibition is a powerful call to politicians, faith leaders and ordinary people to stand up against such prejudice and stand in solidarity with gay people here and worldwide who face persecution and violence.

˜People all over the world are persecuted for their sexuality around 80 countries have laws which criminalize same sex relations, a violation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

The exhibition reflects an ongoing partnership between Amnesty and Cardiff-Wales Mardi Gras and features prominently as part of ˜Queer Cymru 2005", the community aspect of Mardi Gras. It will be on display at Chapter Arts Centre throughout September.

Entry to the reception and launch on Friday is free. Contact Eleanor White on 029 2037 5610 or email for more details or phone Chapter on: 029 2031 1050.

For more information about Queer Cymru, visit:

Background Notes: Amnesty is currently campaigning on behalf of at least 35 men who are threatened with flogging for allegedly attending a “gay wedding”. Four of the men were sentenced by a court in Jeddah to 2,000 lashes and two years’ imprisonment, and 31 others to 200 lashes and six months to one year in prison. Amnesty members are writing to the Saudi authorities asking them to stop the punishment.

The exhibition ˜Sex, Love and Homophobia" is presented in Welsh and English.

For interviews with Vanessa Baird please contact Eleanor White in the first instance.

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