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Scotland: New Fair Play guide available for downlaod

A new and revised version of ‘Fair Play: Asylum Seekers and Refugees in Scotland – A guide for journalists’ is available for download on our website.

The guide, which was launched by the Asylum Positive Image Group in 2005, aims to improve the debate on asylum in Scotland. It provides journalists in Scotland with essential information to enable high standards of reporting.

The Asylum Positive Image Group, which Amnesty is a part of, is a broad coalition of exiled journalists, Refugee Community Organisations, Refugee agencies, NGOs and public sector agencies. The group was created to inform public opinion by challenging inaccurate representations and supporting positive messages about asylum.

  • Download the guide
  • Find out more about the Asylum Positive Images Group /li>
  • Find out more about Amnesty’s work on refugees and asylum seekers in Scotland /a />

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