Scotland: Health concerns as Kenny Richey is due to celebrate his birthday

Amnesty International Scotland today (31 July) raised its concerns for the health and well being of Kenny Richey, the Scot on Death Row in Ohio. After nineteen and a half years awaiting execution, Kenny has undergone heart surgery after complaining of chest pains last Friday (28 July).

As Kenny turns 42 on Thursday 3 August, having spent nearly half his life on Death Row, Amnesty renews its call for the 6th Circuit Court of Appeal to come to a verdict on the Supreme Court’s ruling as soon as possible.

Amnesty International Scotland’s Programme Director, Rosemary Burnett said:
“We are concerned that the uncertainty in which Kenny is being kept is contributing to his health problems. Keeping someone on Death Row for over 19 years is tantamount to mental torture.”

“Kenny has been living in legal limbo since his conviction was overturned in January last year. We urge the British Government to continue to make representations to the US authorities on Kenny’s case. And we hope that the current legal processes see him released soon.”

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