Russian Federation: Amnesty International calls for assurances on Zakayev case

The organisation's call comes after Akhmed Zakayev was detained in Copenhagen - where he was attending the World Chechen Congress - following an extradition request from the Russian authorities.

An Amnesty International delegation will meet officials from the Russian procuracy tomorrow and will also seek assurances that, if extradited, Akhmed Zakayev will receive a fair trial in line with international standards.

The organisation is calling on the Danish authorities to ensure that Akhmed Zakayav is not extradited without firm guarantees that these rights will be respected. As in all cases of this kind, the organisation is also monitoring Akhmed Zakayev's conditions of detention at present, incuding his right to confidential communications with his lawyer and access to the outside world.

According to media reports some 30 people have been detained in Moscow in recent days, including security officials and political advisors, on suspicion of links with those who carried out the recent hostage taking in a Moscow theatre.

'As our latest report confirms, although anyone who comes into contact with law enforcement officials may be at risk of torture and ill-treatment, Chechens and members of other ethnic minorities are at particular risk.' Amnesty International Secretary General Irene Khan said.

The organisation's recent report 'Denial of Justice' , details the widespread use of torture and ill-treatment in the Russian Federation, often to ellicit confessions.

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