Reaction to Foreign Affairs Committee report on UK government and torture

Reacting to the publication today of a new report by the Foreign Affairs Committee on the UK government’s foreign policy, Amnesty International UK head of policy Jeremy Croft singled out the committee’s remarks about the UK government, the US and torture.

Mr Croft said:

“While we have always stressed the need to combat terrorism, we share the committee’s concerns over the UK government and its current counter-terrorism policy.

“In particular, the UK government needs to take allegations of torture at Guantánamo and other US detention centres altogether more seriously.

“This must mean pressing harder for proper trial or safe release of Binyam Mohamed, Shaker Aamer and Ahmed Belbacha - three Guantánamo prisoners who are either formerly resident in the UK or with links to the UK.

“Meanwhile, as the committee suggests, the UK government must as a matter of urgency get to the bottom of whether there has been ‘outsourcing’ of torture of British nationals to Pakistan.

“This report should now add weight to our call for an independent and thorough investigation into any UK involvement in ‘rendition’ and torture in the ‘war on terror’.”

Next week (Wednesday 23 July) Amnesty International will also publish a new report on “missing prisoners” in Pakistan’s “war on terror”. Amnesty’s report will call on the recently elected government of Pakistan to end enforced disappearance in the country.

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