Press quote: Amnesty welcomes compensation moves for torture victims in Chile

Amnesty International UK Media Director Lesley Warner said:

'Chile is finally facing up to what really happened during the repressive rule of General Pinochet. Acknowledging the prevalence of torture and compensating its victims is a vital first step. This proposal must receive full support so it can be put into effect.

'But the authorities must also launch a full investigation into all allegations torture under Pinochet's rule. Successive measures by civilian governments in Chile have failed to do this. Those responsible for Chile's horrific history of torture must be brought to justice.

'For decades the Amnesty Law has obstructed the attainment of justice and truth for victims of gross human rights violations committed during the military government. This law must urgently be repealed for justice and truth to be fully attained.'

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Amnesty International Chile has launched a virtual action on the Esmeralda, the Chilean ship on which hundreds of people were tortured during Pinochet’s reign of terror which is still sailing around the world every year. Amnesty International is calling for acknowledgement of what took place and full investigations into the use of torture in Chile. More information...

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