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PM's statement not enough to silence torture inquiry calls, say Amnesty

Amnesty International today reacted to Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s written statement on the treatment of detainees.

Amnesty International UK Campaigns Director Tim Hancock said:

“While it’s welcome news that the government is finally taking these torture allegations seriously, today’s statement goes nowhere near far enough.

“If the Prime Minister thinks this will silence calls for a full, impartial inquiry into UK collusion in torture and rendition, he should think again.

“Torture should have no place in the modern world, full stop. Any government that knowingly profits from torture only furthers its use.

“Publishing guidelines is useful but it’s practice that matters. We have heard nothing today about an independent inquiry into allegations from Binyam Mohamed and others that the UK colluded in their torture.

“The investigations by the Attorney General into Mr Mohamed’s allegations are proving to be lengthy and secretive - not the prompt and impartial inquiry that is required.”

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