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Pinochet case: Letter asks for disclosure of medical reports,as new development adds to concerns on conduct of tests

As previously announced, the four organisations will also be

presenting a full submission to the Home Secretary by the deadline of 5 pm

on Tuesday 18th January.

According to the Observer -- a British Sunday newspaper -- one of the

four medical experts who examined Augusto Pinochet has effectively

questioned the accuracy of the statement by the UK Home Secretary last

Tuesday, 11 January.

Professor Sir John Grimley Evans is quoted as saying that himself and

the three other doctors who examined Pinochet on 5th January listed the

medical facts, but that the determination that he was unfit for trial was

outside their field of competence and responsibilities. He is also

reported as having said that Pinochet's chances for recovery were slim but

not impossible.

Jack Straw's statement on 11 January said that 'the unequivocal and

unanimous conclusion of the four medical experts was the he is at present

unfit to stand trial, and that no change to that position can be expected'.

This development adds to concerns already expressed in Spain and

elsewhere about the conduct and conclusions of Pinochet's medical


Amnesty International is following closely the developments as it

prepares its submission to Jack Straw.

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