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Peru/Japan: Former Peruvian President must be brought to justice for human rights violations

The organisation is urging the Japanese authorities to either return Alberto Fujimori to Peru, where judicial proceedings have been started against him, or to open an investigation into his responsibility for the human rights violations committed under his government.

'The widespread and systematic human rights violations committed in Peru during Alberto Fujimori's presidency amount to crimes against humanity, over which any state has the ability to exercise universal jurisdiction. Moreover, all states are under the obligation to prosecute and punish anyone responsible for such crimes and to cooperate in their detection, arrest and punishment,' Amnesty International said.

Throughout Alberto Fujimori's ten-year presidency (1990-2000), torture and ill-treatment were widespread in Peru, and hundreds of people 'disappeared' or were extrajudicially executed. Members of Peru's armed forces, as well as Alberto Fujimori's intelligence adviser Vladimiro Montesinos, are currently in detention facing charges including human rights violations. However, Alberto Fujimori has yet to be brought before a court.

'By helping to ensure Alberto Fujimori is brought to justice, Japan will contribute to break the cycle of impunity which makes a mockery of truth and justice and can only lead to further human rights violations by showing that those responsible are not held to account,' Amnesty International said.


Alberto Fujimori, who is also a Japanese citizen, has been in exile in Japan since fleeing Peru in November 2000. On 14 September 2001 a judge of the Supreme Court of Justice of Peru ordered his detention on the basis that there is strong evidence suggesting that he had full knowledge of the existence of the Grupo Colina, the death squad attached to Peru's Intelligence Service, allegedly responsible for at least two cases of 'disappearance' and extrajudicial execution resulting in the death of 25 people. The judge instructed that the national police as well as INTERPOL should be informed of the detention order, and according to reports INTERPOL has already been notified.

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