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Palestinian Authority: Hamas must stop targeting civilians

Amnesty International calls upon Hamas (the Islamic Resistance Movement) to commit unequivocally to abide by international law, respect the rights of all Palestinians across the political spectrum and repudiate its policy of targeting Israeli civilians.

Amnesty International said:

"As it prepares to form the next Palestinian Authority government, Hamas must undertake to spare no effort to end the spiral of violence which has cost the lives of so many Palestinian and Israeli civilians.

"Leaders and spokespeople of Hamas have often condemned Israel's attacks against Palestinians as violations of international law. But they have repeatedly sought to justify killings of Israeli civilians in the name of resisting the occupation.

"They must recognise that the same international law is equally applicable to them – both in their conduct vis-à -vis Israel and at home."

"As a first step Hamas should condemn such abuses and lawlessness, and pledge that its members will not engage in actions which could directly or indirectly endanger the safety of others.

"It should make a clear and public commitment that it will not tolerate any action or incitement by its members and activists to restrict or abuse the human rights of Palestinians of other political persuasions or on grounds of gender.�

Amnesty International has repeatedly called on all sides to conflict in Israel and the Occupied Territories to end attacks on civilians and respect international humanitarian and human rights law.

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