Pakistan: Police must protect human rights in North West Frontier Province

The shooting took place while Fazal Wahab Wahab, a resident of Mingora (district of Swat) in the North West Frontier of Pakistan was in a shop. The shop keeper and his assistant were also killed in the cross fire.

Local observers believe that Fazal Wahab Wahab was killed because he had written several controversial books in which he was critical of clerics in Pakistan. There are reports that the contents of his forthcoming book Mullah ka Anjam (The Fate of the Mullah) included serious allegations of criminal activities against close relatives of local political leaders.

Fazal Wahab Wahab had previously received death threats. Local police alleged that his complaints of continued threats to his life were made in order to support an asylum case to the US authorities and did not give him any protection.The police have not taken any action to arrest the assassins or protect the family of Fazal Wahab Wahab who continue to receive threats.

The murder of Fazal Wahab Wahab follows a series of measures by local authorities in the North West Frontier Province to curtail the right of freedom of expression. Amnesty International urges the government of the North West Frontier Province to bring the suspected perpetrators to justice.

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