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Northern Ireland: Troubles bill will give murderers and torturers 'a free pass'

‘What is morally wrong cannot be made legally right’ - Grainne Teggart

Ahead of the controversial Northern Ireland Troubles (Legacy and Reconciliation) Bill, entering its short committee stage on Wednesday 29 June and Monday 4 July, Amnesty has warned it will provide “a free pass to murderers and those responsible for torture” during the Northern Ireland conflict.

Grainne Teggart, Amnesty International UK’s Northern Ireland Deputy Director, said:

“This bill gives murderers and those responsible for torture a free pass - it is repugnant that the UK government is now deciding who in society will get justice for such heinous crimes.

“The bill cruelly removes victims’ opportunity for justice - this simply cannot be acceptable to any MP who respects the rule of law. 

“The bill is so fundamentally flawed that it cannot be fixed and it must now be withdrawn or rejected. What is morally wrong cannot be made legally right.

“Two days for committee stage is a disgracefully limited amount of time to consider such a significant piece of legislation. The UK Government is curtailing the opportunity for proper scrutiny and further compounding the insult to victims.”

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