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Nigeria: Amina Lawal's appeal case to be heard on 27 August

Amina Lawal and her lawyers are expected to be present at the hearing. The judicial process should follow its course if the quorum of judges is met this time.

Amnesty International UK Media Director Lesley Warner said:

'Unfortunately, this case has now been adjourned so many times that many of those who have campaigned for her sentence to be quashed cannot understand why a woman and her child should be put through so much. This is becoming a clear case of justice delayed is justice denied.'

Amnesty International understands that Amina Lawal's right to legal representation and her right to appeal are guaranteed at this stage. She is not in detention and has good legal representation. She is also being supported by a coalition of Nigerian Women's rights's rightss rights's rights's rights's rights's groups and human rights groups. Amnesty International is in close touch with these organisations.


Amina Lawal - a Muslim woman - was found guilty by a court in March 2002 after bearing a child outside marriage. Under Sharia Penal Legislation introduced in Nigeria in 1999 and now in force in several northern Nigerian states, she has been convicted of the crime of adultery and summoned to appear before a Sharia tribunal to respond to a 'crime' which now carries a punishment of death by stoning.

Contrary to reports, the sentence is not due to be carried out before or on 27 August 2003. If this appeal is unsuccessful, further appeals could be heard in the federal court of appeal and ultimately in Nigeria's supreme court. More information...

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