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Muslim Ban protest: PM must stand up for values of decency, openness and respect

Amnesty International will be taking part in the London protest today against Donald Trump’s ban on nationals from seven countries, including Syria, from entering the US, and the suspension of its refugee resettlement programme.

The demonstration will take place outside Downing Street at 6pm. It is one of many planned in towns and cities across the UK, which Amnesty is also supporting. Spokespeople will be available from 5pm on Whitehall.

Amnesty UK Director Kate Allen said:

“The ban is cruel and inhumane and implicitly racist. No-one should be barred from entering a country based on their nationality or religion, and Theresa May has shown an appalling lack of leadership by failing to condemn this move.

“The lives of potentially millions of people - including refugees fleeing torturers and mass murderers - will be affected by it, and the precedent it sets is extremely worrying.

“These demonstrations show the depth of anger and frustration felt by ordinary people in the UK. The Prime Minister must stand up for the values of decency, openness and respect and do everything she can to oppose this policy.”

What: London protest against Donald Trump’s ‘Muslim Ban’

Where/when: Amnesty will be meeting at 5pm by the Alanbrooke Statue on the east side of Whitehall, opposite Downing Street - SW1A 2AT. The protest begins at 6pm.

Who: Amnesty spokespeople will be available for interview – Kate Allen, Director of Amnesty UK, Kerry Moscogiuri, Amnesty UK’s Campaigns Director, Steve Symonds, Director of Amnesty UK’s Refugee and Migrants Rights Programme.

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