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Ken Clarke's Justice and Security Green Paper criticised over 'secretive process'

Responding to the publication today of the Justice and Security Green Paper - unveiled by Ken Clarke, the Justice Secretary - Amnesty International UK Director Kate Allen said:

“We’ll be studying the Green Paper in detail, but on the face of it these proposals show that the government's intention is to pass legislation that will extend the use of secret material in our justice system. 

"We have raised concerns in the past about the government's attempt to resort to secrecy in the name of national security as a means of obstructing accountability for serious human rights violations, including alleged involvement in torture and rendition. Domestic courts have also made it clear that where such allegations exist the need for truth and open justice is vital.

"Regrettably, the proposals in the Green Paper appear designed to further entrench secrecy in the justice system. Secrecy of this sort has the potential to undermine the fair administration of justice and allow the government to shield itself from adequate scrutiny and criticism of its human rights record.”

Note to editors:
The Justice and Security Green Paper is at:…

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