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Joss Stone and Dave Stewart join the call for a new Arms Treaty

Internationally-renowned musicians Joss Stone and Dave Stewart have today added their voices to Amnesty International’s call for an effective Arms treaty with a new song, entitled ‘Take Good Care’. 

A new full-length version of the song ‘Take Good Care’ – produced by Dave Stewart and written by Joss Stone and war photographer Paul Conroy based on his experience of the devastating impact of armed conflict in Libya – will be released in April this year for Amnesty.

Musician, songwriter and record producer, Dave Stewart said:

“When you think about the fact that every year two bullets for every person on the planet are produced, it is quite clear that the Arms is out of control.  There has never been a greater need to tighten regulations on the Arms than now.

“Millions of people are dying unnecessarily because weapons are ending up in regions where they are being used to fuel conflict and commit the worst kind of atrocities.  These deaths can be prevented if we have a strong human-rights-centred Arms treaty.”

Singer-songwriter Joss Stone said:

"The Arms Treaty could be one of the most important laws ever to be secured.  A successful Treaty could quite literally save lives, stop bloody conflicts and prevent millions of Women's rights's rightss rights's rights's rights's rights, men and Children's rights from being terrorised from their homes. 

“We’ve seen how weapons in the wrong hands can have utterly devastating consequences. Not just for the victims themselves, but also for their community.  That’s why I fully support Amnesty International’s call upon world leaders to deliver upon a robust and effective Arms Treaty, with human rights at its core.”

Support from these two musicians comes just days ahead of an important week-long meeting where discussions around this new treaty will take place at the United Nations in New York (13 – 17 February).  Despite this meeting being the last one before final negotiations in July, there remains a clear threat that the treaty could be derailed by countries resistant to the process.

Amnesty International UK Director, Kate Allen said:

“After more than two decades worth of campaigning for a robust Arms treaty, we are now on the precipice of seeing one of the most important treaties coming into being. 

“”However, any treaty which is agreed must include the principle that no weapons will be transferred to regions where there is a risk that they will be used to commit serious human rights violations.

“And it can only really be effective if all countries commit to a treaty which would include all ammunition, small arms or potential lethal equipment used by police and security forces.

“Meetings taking place at the UN this year on the Arms treaty have never been more important.  World leaders have just one shot to get this right. They must not now fall at the final hurdle.”

  • The new full-length version of the single Take good care by Joss Stone, Dave Stewart and Paul Carroy, Take good care, will be released later this year.
  • Amnesty International will be attending the United Nations Preparatory Committee between 13 – 17 February. Spokespeople will be available for interview during the week.
  • Photographs are available upon request. 

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