Jenin: Israel must answer questions

'What we are looking at is facts and the facts are: civilians, including Children's rights, were killed; humanitarian assistance was blocked and the wounded were denied medical assistance. Extensive demolition of houses rendered three thousand people, the majority Children's rights, homeless,' said Irene Khan.

Ms Khan re-iterated her call for the UN fact-finding mission to be allowed to carry out its work without further delay or obstacles. UN monitors should be put in place urgently in Jenin mandated to report on any tampering of evidence that might be needed by the fact-finding mission in carrying out its work.

She also clarified that there is no legal definition in international law of the word 'massacre' and that its use in the current circumstances is not helpful.

'Whatever terms one uses, the situation in Jenin begs for a full, impartial and independent investigation,' stated Ms Khan.

'The full facts must be made known to the victims and their families in their quest for justice.'

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