ITALY: G8 Policing Must Respect Human Rights

These rights, including the right of free expression and assembly and the right not to suffer arbitrary arrest or detention, must be fully respected said the human rights organisation. Law enforcement officials should also carefully adhere to international standards on the use of force and firearms.

Amnesty International has written to the Italian Government renewing its concern that policing of a mass demonstration at the Third Global Forum meeting in Naples on 17 March 2001 included alleged human rights violations.

Numerous reports from various sources, including witness and victim accounts and photographic evidence, presented a disturbing picture of widespread violations of international human rights standards perpetrated against non-violent demonstrators by members of the State Police, Carabinieri and Guardia di Finanza.

Amnesty International UK Communications Director Richard Bunting said:

'Policing of recent demonstrations in Italy has given rise to serious concern and Italian law enforcement officials must this weekend exercise restraint and respect human rights.'

'In Genoa all sides have their part to play in avoiding violence and ensuring free expression. Violence aimed at police or property cannot be condoned and neither can the suppression of peaceful protest.'

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