Israel/Occupied Territories: New report presents evidence of Israeli war crimes in Nablus and Jenin

The 80-page report, 'Israel and the Occupied Territories: Shielded from Scrutiny, IDF violations in Jenin and Nablus', documents serious human rights violations by Israeli forces. These include unlawful killings; torture and ill-treatment of prisoners; wanton destruction of hundreds of homes sometimes with the residents still inside; the blocking of ambulances and denial of humanitarian assistance; and the use of Palestinian civilians as human shields.

Director of Amnesty International UK Kate Allen said:

'Israel has the right to take measures to prevent unlawful violence, but in doing so they must not violate international law. War crimes are among the most serious crimes under international law, and represent offences against humanity as a whole. Bringing the perpetrators of these crimes to justice is therefore the concern and the responsibility of the international community.

The Israeli authorities have failed in their responsibility to bring to justice the perpetrators of serious human rights violations. All attempts to end human rights violations and install a system of international protection in Israel and the Occupied Territories, in particular by introducing monitors with a clear human rights mandate, have been undermined by the refusal of the government of Israel. The USA has supported this refusal.'

Following meetings with the IDF in May to discuss IDF actions and strategies, Amnesty International submitted most of the individual cases included in the report to the IDF for comment but, despite promises to answer on the cases, no response has yet been received.

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