Iraq: UN Security Council resolution 'extremely weak on human rights'

The organisation is demanding an urgent strengthening of the resolution if there is to be a break from the horrific human rights abuses that Iraq has seen in the past.

Amnesty International is calling for an effective UN human rights monitoring presence in the field in Iraq, to stop past crimes being repeated. The organisation also urges the Secretary-General to set up a Commission to investigate past crimes against humanity and ensure those responsible are brought to justice.

Amnesty International UK Director, Kate Allen said:

'Gross disregard for human rights has been a tragic part of Iraq's history. Protecting these rights must be a central part of its future.

'The UN will be failing the Iraqi people if it does not ensure that human rights are protected and those responsible for past crimes are brought to justice. The draft resolution is weak on human rights and must urgently be strengthened.'

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