Iraq: Amnesty International heads worldwide go to Number 10

They are also calling on the UK to use its influence to ensure that its allies obey these laws, as required by Article 1 of the 1949 Geneva Conventions.

Amnesty International, which has sections in countries including Chile, Israel, Tunisia, Japan, the UK and USA, is sending its most senior worldwide representatives to Downing Street. They will present a unified message from the human rights organisation's global membership.

Amnesty International Secretary General Irene Khan said:

'The rights and needs of the Iraqi people must be put first in this conflict and its aftermath. The UK government and its coalition partners will be judged by the extent to which they do this.

'Together we represent over 1.6 million Amnesty International members who are watching the conflict in Iraq and are gravely concerned that human rights are not being respected. We ask for an immediate assurance that UK forces will abide by international law. Mr Blair must do everything in his power to get a similar assurance from his coalition partners.'

The petition calls on the Prime Minister:

  • To tell Amnesty International what is being done to limit civilian casualties. As the number of civilian casualties rises to over 4,000, the organisation is calling for immediate investigation of all allegations of unlawful killing
  • To answer allegations that the targeting of Iraqi national television may be a war crime, and tell its military partners that such attacks must not be allowed
  • To give Amnesty International an immediate assurance that indiscriminate weapons, such as cluster bombs, will not be used by UK forces, and that UK forces will not assist the USA or other parties in using landmines
  • To assure the organisation that all detainees, including prisoners of war, are treated humanely in accordance with Geneva Conventions
  • To do everything possible to avert a humanitarian disaster in Iraq, and ensure that essential supplies get to those in need

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