Hague speech 'glosses over' danger of failing to hold intelligence agencies to account

Responding to today’s speech from the Foreign Secretary William Hague on the work of the intelligence agencies, Amnesty International UK Director Kate Allen said:

“William Hague is perfectly justified in praising the work of those that help to keep this country safe, but it’s not acceptable if this task is done with methods that include torture, rendition and secret detention.

“Mr Hague points to the forthcoming Detainee Inquiry as a means of dealing with torture and rendition allegations, but the inquiry falls well short of international standards for proper investigations and will not be able to deliver justice for the victims of these abuses, reassure the public or indeed hold accountable anyone involved.

“Mr Hague’s speech heaps praise on the intelligence agencies but glosses over the danger of failing to properly hold the agencies to account.”

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