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George Clooney's arrest highlights continued bombing and restrictions on humanitarian aid in Sudan

George Clooney was one of several arrested as part of a demonstration involving Amnesty International and other non-governmental organisations outside the Sudanese embassy in Washington DC to call for an immediate end to atrocities being perpetrated by the Sudanese government.

Clooney and others engaged in a symbolic act of civil disobedience and were arrested.

Civilians in Southern Kordofan and the Blue Nile state are suffering from the Sudanese Armed Forces’ aerial bombardment of civilian areas. The indiscriminate bombing coupled with the denial of access to relief aid has created a dire human rights and humanitarian emergency.

In February the United Nations Security Council broke months of silence on the issue and called for immediate and unhindered humanitarian access to the affected areas.

Amnesty International USA Director of International Advocacy for Africa Scott Edwards said:

“The tactics employed by the Sudanese forces in these areas are tragically reminiscent of the crimes committed in Darfur. Civilians must be protected at all times, and the government’s failure to end indiscriminate bombing – or worse, its intentional targeting and murder of civilians—requires swift and meaningful action by the international community.

“The government continues to hinder access to much needed humanitarian aid for thousands upon thousands who’ve been brought to the brink by the tactics of the government, creating conditions of life that may lead to unimaginable human suffering.”  

Amnesty International recently documented how the flow of arms from Russia, China, and Belarus fuel serious human rights violations in Sudan, including Darfur, where violence continues.

Scott Edwards added:

“The relentless and indiscriminate attacks have been further fuelled by weapons from countries such as Russia and China, and as such, they bear particular responsibility for ensuring effective Security Council action.”

Amnesty International is urging the Security Council to act on the recommendations made by the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights regarding Southern Kordofan, including: demanding the Government of Sudan grants access to human rights monitors and establishing an independent inquiry into alleged violations of international humanitarian and human rights law.

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