Former child soldier Emmanuel Jal featured in new Amnesty song and video project 'The Price of Silence'

Available exclusively on iTunes as charity EP

Laurence Fishburne, Hugh Masekala, Stephen Marley and Natalie Merchant are amongst stars involved

A new Amnesty International song and video project has been launched to mark the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human right this month.

The Price of Silence is a collaborative project involving renowned former child soldier turned rap singer, Emmanuel Jal, and a host of other music stars - including Hugh Masekala, Stephen Marley and Natalie Merchant - as well as actor Laurence Fishburne, who delivers the video’s special introduction, as written by poet Alicia Partnoy, who herself spent two years in prison during Argentina’s “dirty war”.

The uplifting song and video weaves in contributions from artists who have in many instances experienced human rights violations first-hand. Emmanuel Jal, the Sudanese rapper, was the first artist to record for the project, doing so the day after he addressed the UN General Assembly about his brutalised childhood in Sudan.

The Amnesty song is based on the Grammy-winning Colombian group Aterciopelados’ “Canción Protesta”. Included in a special package with a Spanish version and the original “Canción Protesta” version, the song bundle was released by Nacional Records and is available exclusively on iTunes with all profits going to Amnesty International. The EP has reached number one on iTunes Latino.

The accompanying video, set in the United Nations General Assembly building in New York, is available to view at:

Amnesty International USA Executive Director Larry Cox said:

“Each day throughout the world there are countless instances in which basic rights are being denied. Our only chance to turn the tide is by raising our voices in unison, then taking decisive action. Amnesty International has proven that grassroots activism works. Through this video, we call on citizens of the world to rededicate themselves to bring justice to all.”

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