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The human rights organisation welcomed today's publication of the Foreign Affairs Committee report on the Government's policies towards China.

Mark Lattimer, Communications Director of Amnesty International UK, said:

'There has been much public concern over the Government's failure to address China's deteriorating human rights record. Last year saw the most serious and widespread crackdown on peaceful dissent in China for a decade but UK Government statements have not reflected this.

'The Foreign Affairs Committee report appears to be a fair and balanced overview of government policy. The Government should act on the report's recommendations and make the aims and gains of its dialogue with the Chinese authorities more transparent. At present this dialogue seems just to be an end in itself.'

Amnesty International is pleased to see the Committee call on the Government individually and as a member of the EU to take a more robust stance on China at the annual United Nations Commission on Human Rights.

The Committee has seen at first hand how the Chinese authorities deny their citizens the rights to freedom of expression and association. Amnesty International is pleased that it has come to the conclusion that by 'the international standards which China has itself accepted, we must conclude that China is guilty of persistent and major abuse of human rights'.

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