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Europe: Renditions - Council of Europe report welcomed

Amnesty International has welcomed the new Council of Europe report into “renditions”, saying that the report confirms the human rights organisation’s own findings that several cases of rendition have occurred with the involvement or co-operation of Council of Europe countries.

On Wednesday 7 June 2006, the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe's Committee on Legal Affairs and Human Rights released a report into its inquiry - led by Swiss Senator Dick Marty - into secret detentions and renditions in Europe.

Amnesty International UK renditions campaigner Sara Mac Neice said:

“We welcome the clear signal that the Council of Europe has sent to European governments and the USA - that the renditions ‘spider’s web’ (as the report calls it) woven by the US outside the rule of law is ‘contrary to basic legal principles’.

“The USA and all European countries must put an end to renditions and must conduct independent and thorough investigations into the practice. They absolutely must ensure accountability of their own and foreign intelligence services.”

Amnesty International is also calling on the US and other countries implicated in rendition and secret detention to ensure reparation to the victims of these grave human rights violations.

Sara Mac Neice added:

“The USA and others with knowledge must reveal the fate and whereabouts of every person who has been caught in this unlawful 'spider's web'.”

Amnesty International believes the disturbing facts gathered in Dick Marty's report underscore the need for states to respect and ensure human rights in any measures they take to prevent terrorism. Doing otherwise, as Dick Marty's report says, serves "to strengthen those who aim to destroy the established political, legal and social order".

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