Amnesty International warned that the measures risk leading to the imprisonment of innocent people without charge or trial.

Amnesty International UK Director of Communications Richard Bunting said:

'People who carry out heinous crimes and human rights abuses such as the horrific attacks on the USA on 11 September must be brought to justice.

If UK laws need tightening to allow the prosecution and trials of such people, then they should be tightened, but without undermining basic rights.

The answer to well-planned acts of outrage is well-planned policing, international co-operation, public vigilance, surveillance and proper judicial procedures – all in conformity with international standards.'

Amnesty International reminds the Government that 'internment' measures have resulted in human rights violations and failed to deter political violence in several parts of the world, including in Northern Ireland.

Amnesty International has outlined its concerns in a submission to the Parliamentary Home Affairs Committee Short Inquiry into the proposed Emergency Anti-terrorism Bill. The Committee is due to question the Home Office on Wednesday 14 November 2001.

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