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Egypt: Human rights reform essential as Hosni Mubarak steps aside

Global day of solidarity action tomorrow (Saturday 12 February), rally in Trafalgar Square (12-2pm)
In response to dramatic developments in Egypt, Salil Shetty, Amnesty International’s Secretary General, said:  

"I congratulate the protesters for their extraordinary courage and commitment to achieve fundamental change.

"Persistent attempts to put down peaceful protests have not only failed but redoubled the determination of those demanding change.

"The way Egyptians have taken to the streets in unprecedented numbers to demand dignity, human rights and social justice has been an inspiration to oppressed peoples everywhere.

"The departure of one man is not the end. The repressive system that Egyptians have suffered under for three decades has not gone away and the State of Emergency remains in place."

"Those in power must grasp this opportunity to consign the systematic abuses of the past to history. Human rights reform must begin now."

Note to editors
Thousands of Amnesty International supporters, Egyptian activists, trade unionists, students and others set to attend a mass rally in Trafalgar Square in central London tomorrow (Saturday 12 February) to mark a “Global Day of Action” in solidarity with protestors in Egypt and the wider region who are demanding greater human rights. Find out more

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