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Cuba: 58 prisoners of conscience must be released

Amnesty International today (18 February 2008) welcomed the release of four Cuban activists but urged Raul Castro to urgently release the 58 remaining incarcerated prisoners of conscience and to guarantee the right to freedom of expression on the island.

“The release of the four Cuban prisoners of conscience is a very positive step but we must not forget about the at least 58 people who remain held in prisons across Cuba for the sole reason of expressing their political views,” said Kerrie Howard, Deputy director at Amnesty International’s Americas Programme.

“We hope that the recent release is a sign of change in Cuba, a further openness to improving respect for human rights, including the right to freedom of expression and association,” said Kerrie Howard.

Amnesty International has adopted 58 people currently imprisoned across Cuba as prisoners of conscience – those held because of their political or religious beliefs or because of their sex, nationality or ethnicity.

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