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Colombia: A dangerous place for trade unionists

Amnesty International today (30 April 2004) reiterated its fears for the safety of trade unionists in Colombia, following the 20 April shooting by unidentified gunmen of Gabriel Remolina, the President of the Bucaramanga Branch of SINALTRAINAL and his partner, Fanny Robles.

Concern for the security of trade unionists in Colombia is heightened, not only by these latest killings, but by the on-going failure to bring to justice those who kill and threaten trade unionists.

Colombia is the most dangerous country in the world to be a trade unionist. At least 80 trade unionists were killed or “disappeared” in 2003.

The vast majority of human rights abuses against trade unionists were attributed to the security forces and paramilitary allies, although guerrilla forces were also held responsible for many abuses.

Death threats against trade unionists almost doubled and impunity in cases of human rights violations against trade unionists is almost guaranteed.

Amnesty International is concerned that the Colombian Government has failed to ensure substantive improvement in the security situation faced by trade unionists.

A new feature on news.amnesty looks at the most recent incidents and the situation facing trade unionists in Colombia -

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