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CIA torture findings: full-scale investigation needed

Responding to the release of a report into the torture of detainees by CIA operatives, Amnesty International USA executive director Larry Cox said:

"Fresh revelations that CIA agents carried out mock executions and threats of violent torture further underscore how much the American people do not know about the previous administration’s illegal and immoral actions undertaken in the name of national security.

“There are absolutely no circumstances in which techniques rising to torture or cruel treatment can be justified. Period. No ‘ifs’, ‘ands’ or ‘buts’.

“That the Bush administration was prepared to abandon America's human rights legal obligations is a cautionary tale for those who think any nation can disregard human rights in the fight against terrorism. The report demonstrates that the US government agencies’ internal monitoring systems are unreliable in upholding American values or laws. Compliance comes through disclosure and reform.

"It is more important than ever that a comprehensive and independent investigation with the full force of the law is created to reveal and hold accountable those who requested, devised and carried out illegal counter-terrorism practices.

“Attorney General Holder’s decision to name a prosecutor to reopen and investigate half of the cases brought to the Department of Justice because of questionable interrogation tactics is a welcome, yet incomplete, step. Any meaningful investigation would encompass both those who claimed they were following orders and those who designed and demanded that the illegal policies be implemented.”

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