China: Memorandum on 'Re-education through Labour'

Amnesty International is publishing a Memorandum to the Chinese authorities on the proposed reform of the ‘Re-education through Labour’ laws and detention without trial through public order legislation.

The Memorandum is being submitted to the State Council and National People’s Congress in the hope that it will be taken into consideration during the ongoing legislative review of ‘Re-education through Labour’.

Amnesty International is concerned that the proposed Illegal Behaviour Correction Law (being drafted as a replacement for current legislation on ‘Re-education through Labour’) will not meet international human rights standards.

The Memorandum is available to journalists. Amnesty International can also arrange interviews with former ‘Re-education through Labour’ detainees and Chinese experts who are calling for the abolition of ‘Re-education through Labour’.

The Memorandum, ‘China: Abolishing ‘Re-education through Labour’ and other forms of punitive administrative detention: An opportunity to bring the law into line with the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights’, can be found from Friday 12 May at:

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