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China: Authorities persecute Children's rights of human rights activist

Amnesty International called on the Chinese authorities to stop targeting the family of Uighur human rights activist Rebiya Kadeer, as two of her sons were sentenced today on charges of tax evasion. A third son - who was so badly beaten by police that he had to be hospitalized - has been moved to a detention centre.

Ablikim Abdiriyim was charged with "subversion" as well as tax evasion. He is awaiting trial in Tianshan Detention Centre in Urumchi, in a different section of the same jail that his two brothers were held in prior to their sentencing.

The two sons sentenced today were ordered to pay fines amounting to millions of US dollars. One of the men, Alim Abdiriyim, was also sentenced to seven years in jail.

Amnesty International's East Asia researcher Corinna-Barbara Francis said:

"The charges against Rebiya Kadeer's sons were clearly politically motivated. When she was released from prison, Rebiya Kadeer was warned that if she continued her human rights work her family and businesses would be targeted.

"This follows a pattern of threats and harassment against the families of human rights activists in China."

A daughter of Rebiya Kadeer's, Rushangul Abdiriyim, was put under house arrest after witnessing Ablikim and Alim Abdiriyim being beaten in June. She was released earlier this month.

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