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Chile: Threats to Transvestite Human Rights Campaigner

Rodrigo reportedly received an anonymous death threat on 16 December 2003. Two days later, someone one fired a shot at him as he walked on a street in San Felipe, to the west of Santiago. On 20 December he was followed by a car. Rodrigo's complaints have been submitted to the Chilean authorities, but they are not known to have carried out any investigation.

Members of sexual minority groups have been harassed in the Province of Aconcagua, and over 30 people have been beaten. Two transvestites have been killed in unexplained circumstances: Vladimir Mario Ibanez Carrasco in April 2002 and Boris Javier Covarrubias in December 2002. The authorities do not appear to be investigating reports of these threats and attacks.

Amnesty International said: 'Ignoring these crimes sends a signal to the wider community that these threats are not important and that hatred and violence towards the LGBT community is acceptable.'

'The Chilean authorities must act to show that these crimes of hate will not be tolerated, and that the perpetrators will be investigated and prosecuted.'

Amnesty International believes that these attacks against Rodrigo are related to his human rights work on behalf of the Chilean transvestite community and is calling for a prompt, impartial and conclusive investigation into the threats and attacks to which he and others have been subjected.

Amnesty International is asking for appeals to be sent to:

  1. Interior Minister
    Sr Ministro del Interior
    Sr. Jose Miguel Inzulsa
    Ministerio del Interior
    Palacio de la Moneda
    Santiago, Chile

    Telegram: Ministro del Interior, Santiago, Chile
    Fax: 00 562 699 21 65

    [Salutation: Sr. Ministro / Dear Minister]

  2. Governor of Province of Los Andes
    Sr. Gobenador Provincial de los Andes
    Sr. Rene Canales Paez
    Santa Rosa No. 28
    Los Andes, V Region
  3. Telegram: Sr. Gobernador, Los Andes, V Region, Chile
    Fax: 0056 34 422757

    [Salutation: Sr. Gobernador / Dear Governor]

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