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Chechnya: UN Commission defeat a blow for human rights protection

Amnesty International said:

'Human rights abuses continue to take place on a daily basis in Chechnya.

'The Commission's lack of action on this situation is a blatant disregard of the suffering of the victims of such abuses and their relatives, and the risks to which civilians continue to be exposed.

'The Commission on human rights is the main United Nations body responsible for the promotion and protection of human rights wherever they occur, including in the Chechen Republic.

'We are profoundly disappointed that in choosing to remain silent for the second year in a row the Commission has failed to address the well documented violations of human rights and humanitarian law in Chechnya.'

Chechen civilians continue to 'disappear' during raids by Russian troops on villages, with many later being found in mass graves. Camps for internally displaced persons have been closed by the Russian authorities, leaving thousands in neighbouring republics forced to find alternative shelter; some displaced people have reportedly been forced to return to unsafe conditions. Chechen fighters have also committed serious human rights abuses, including against members of the pro-Moscow administration.

Further information about our campaign for justice for all in the Russian Federation is availabe online.

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