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Central African Republic: 'Huge risk' of major human tragedy as peacekeepers absent in some areas

Christian and Muslim civilians in Baoro and Bossemptle in north-west Central African Republic are in imminent danger of attack because of the very strong presence of anti-balaka militias in towns where international peacekeepers are nowhere to be seen, according to an Amnesty International delegation in the region today. 
Armed clashes between Christian anti-balaka militias and remnants of the Muslim ex-Seleka forces and their supporters over the last week have resulted in civilian fatalities and casualties, as well as the burning of hundreds of homes.

Amnesty's senior crisis adviser Donatella Rovera said:

“There is a huge risk of a major human tragedy because of the complete absence of any peacekeeping force.  The situation in this part of the Central African Republic is very volatile and the international peacekeeping effort is vital to protect the thousands of civilians from both communities.

“More deaths are very likely but this could be prevented by even a small presence of international peacekeepers.  In nearby towns with similar tensions, the presence of international forces is undoubtedly making a difference.  The same is needed in Baoro and Bossemptele.

“Peacekeepers were sent to the CAR with a clear mandate: to protect civilian lives. They must not fail it.”

In addition to the presence of anti-balaka militias, remnants of ex-Seleka forces and their supporters are also still active in the area, increasing the levels of danger.

A lack of transport and any basic facilities or humanitarian aid means that civilians displaced by the conflict are stranded in the area, unable to flee to safety and without any support in dire humanitarian conditions.

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