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Binyam Mohamed:'Paragraph 168' disclosure welcomed, but full inquiry still needed

Amnesty International has today welcomed the publication of a contentious paragraph critical of the UK’s intelligence services in relation to the Binyam Mohamed case.

Earlier this month the Court of Appeal ordered that seven previously redacted paragraphs concerning Mr Binyam’s treatment while under CIA control could be made public despite opposition from the UK government. Today’s move will now see a specific paragraph - paragraph 168 - from an earlier version of this appeal court ruling published. This paragraph is known to be highly critical of the behaviour of the intelligence services and its failure to protect human rights.

Amnesty International UK Director Kate Allen said:

“It was disturbing that government lawyers were caught pressuring a senior judge into watering down his criticism of the intelligence services and it’s completely right that those original remarks have now been published.

“This whole affair has been bedevilled by attempts to block the truth about torture ever getting out. Today is another small victory against those who would like to keep these matters shrouded in darkness.

“Now we really need an end to all this stonewalling. The best way to get to the truth is to have an independent and wide-ranging inquiry into all aspects of the UK’s alleged involvement in human rights abuses like rendition, secret detention and torture.”


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