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Amnesty protest against Shell lights up Belfast sky

Amnesty activists gathered in Belfast on Saturday 28 November to protest at the pollution caused by Shell in its oil production in the Niger Delta in Nigeria.

Dressed in white environmental suits and hard hats emblazoned with the Shell logo - and with a fire breather lighting up the Belfast sky - the human rights campaigners were highlighting the widespread damage done to the environment in Nigeria by the oil giant.

Millions of people in the Niger Delta have seen their lives and livelihoods destroyed by Shell's approach to oil production, which has involved illegal gas flaring and repeated oil spills. Water pollution has killed the fish they rely on for food and income. Land pollution has made it impossible to grow crops. And today 75% of the area's rural population have no access to clean water.

Speaking at the protest, Patrick Corrigan, Northern Ireland programme director of Amnesty International, said:

'After decades of dirty production, Shell needs to clean up its act in Nigeria. Despite its public claims to be a responsible corporation, Shell continues to directly harm human rights through its failure to adequately prevent environmental damage in the Niger Delta. This protest in Belfast is part of Amnesty's worldwide effort to hold Shell to account publicly for its actions.'

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