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Amnesty International team back from Libya available for interview

Two Amnesty International expert researchers have recently returned to London from Libya and are available for interview.

Donatella Rovera is Amnesty International's Senior Crisis Response Adviser and was in Libya between 27 February and 29 May, including in Misratah, Benghazi, Ajdabiya and Ras Lanouf.
Diana Eltahawy is Amnesty International’s Libya expert and was in the country throughout May, including in Misratah and Benghazi. She also visited the Libyan-Tunisian border area in April to examine the situation of Libyans fleeing the western Nafousa Mountain region.
Donatella and Diana are able to talk about developments in the human rights situation in Libya in recent weeks and months, including:
* How attacks by forces loyal to Colonel al-Gaddafi, including use of Grad rockets, cluster munitions and mines, on civilian and residential areas of Misratah point to war crimes having been committed.
* Amnesty's work documenting what appears to be a campaign of enforced disappearances by Gaddafi forces against opponents across the country.
* Allegations of abuse by opposition forces (the team met the Chairman of the National Transitional Council of Libya for discussions last week).
* The situation for migrant workers, including from Sub-Saharan Africa, in areas controlled by the opposition forces.
* The need for the international community to support international investigations into human rights abuses and violations in Libya, in particular the International Criminal Court and the Commission of Inquiry established by the UN Human Rights Council.

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