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Amnesty Condemns RBS over funding of cluster bombs

Report shows Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) invests millions in the producers of these shameful and indiscrimate weapons

The Royal Bank of Scotland, together with other well known high street financial institutions such as Barclays and HSBC, are providing investment to the tune of around £800 million to the producers of cluster bombs, acccording to a report produced by Cluster Munition Coalition members IKV Pax Christi (Netherlands) and Netwerk Vlaanderen (Belgium).

‘Worldwide investments in cluster munitions; A shared responsibility’ highlights both the good practice of financial institutions and countries that disinvest, and the financial institutions that are still investing in cluster munitions. The report contains clear recommendations for states and financial institutions that all come down to one message: disinvest from producers of cluster munitions now.

John Watson, Programme Director for Amnesty International in Scotland, said:

"These insidious weapons have killed and injured thousands of civilians over the last 40 years. They are indiscriminate, and not only cause horrific injuries on impact, but remain dangerous, killing and injuring civilians long after a conflict has ended. The Royal Bank of Scotland, now almost completely publicly owned, needs to come clean about its investments and stop funding weapons producers now."

Amnesty International is calling for public pressure to be put on the Royal Bank of Scotland and other leading high street banks to stop their investment into cluster bombs.

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