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Amnesty announces Media Awards finalists

Amnesty Media Awards - finalists announced

Amnesty International UK has today announced finalists of the Amnesty Media Awards 2022, a prestigious set of awards that have now been running for 30 years.

The winners of this year’s awards will be announced at a ceremony in London, hosted by Krishan Guru-Murthy on Wednesday 4 May 2022.

The 11 award categories celebrate excellence in human rights journalism over the past year and applaud the courage and determination of journalists and editors who sometimes put their lives on the line to report on vital human rights issues.

The judging panels were made up of high-profile UK journalists, past award winners and Amnesty representatives

The finalists:


  • Al Jazeera

    Al Jazeera Investigations: All the Prime Minister's Men
  • BBC

    Three Killings in Kampala
  • BBC News Arabic, BBC World News

    Haftar's Russian Mercenaries - Inside the Wagner Group
  • Tortoise Media

    Hidden Homicides


  • BBC News Arabic, BBC Digital News

    The Lost Tablet
  • and i

    The Plight of LGBT people in Afghanistan
  • The Guardian/Saturday

    The Great Sperm Heist
  • The Sunday Times

    Our floating hell: the incredible story of a crew stranded at sea in the Gulf

The Gaby Rado Award for New Journalist

  • Rosa Furneaux

    The Bureau of Investigative Journalism
  • Murray Jones

    Action on Armed Violence (AOAV) & The Byline Times
  • Ben van der Merwe

    New Statesman
  • Zecharias Zelalem


Student Journalist

  • Mohamed Boteen

    National Film And TV School
  • Israel Campos

    City University of London
  • Kimi Chaddah

    Durham University
  • Udit Mahalingam

    King's College London

Radio & Podcasts

  • Audible UK

    The Bias Diagnosis - Episode 3: Thought
  • BBC Radio 4

    Kaleidoscope: Lights Out
  • BBC World Service Radio

    "Document everything. Trust no one"
  • The Guardian

    The Pegasus Project / Today In Focus

Broadcast News

  • BBC iPlayer + BBC News at Ten + BBC online

    The Execution of Lisa Montgomery
  • BBC News:  BBC News at Ten, Radio 4 Today, World Service Newshour, BBC Online

    Afghan Women
  • BBC Ten O'Clock News, BBC1

    Libya’s forgotten migrants
  • Sky News

    Sky News Meets the Middlemen Smuggling Thousands Across the Channel

Best Use of Digital Media

  • Airwars

    Gaza: mapping the civilian toll
  • Al Jazeera English

    State of Fear
  • BBC World Service

    Channel migrants tragedy: Terrifying final hours of their fatal journey
  • The Guardian

    Countdown to the airstrike: the moment Israeli forces hit al-Jalaa tower, Gaza

Written News

  • Al Jazeera English Online

    In Spain's strawberry fields, migrant women face sexual abuse
  • Al Jazeera English Online, Al Jazeera Digital

    "A Tigrayan womb should never give birth": Rape in Tigray
  • The Daily Telegraph /

    Hilton hotel to be built in Xinjiang after China bulldozes mosque
  • The Times

    Taliban Purge

Nations and Regions                                   

  • BBC Northern Ireland

    BBC NI Spotlight Covid & Care: Searching for Answers
  • BBC One Scotland

    Desperately Seeking Asylum
  • BBC Scotland

    Covid-linked deaths in Scotland's care homes
  • BBC Two / BBC One Wales

    A Killing In Tiger Bay


  • Hugh Kinsella Cunningham

    Inner Light: The children surviving conflict in DR Congo
  • Alessio Mamo

    Children in the Game
  • Andrew Testa

    Modern Slavery Unit
  • Harsha Vadlamani

    See how rural India has been overrun by the pandemic's second wave


  • BBC 4

    Collective: Unravelling a Scandal
  • BBC One and BBC iPlayer

    Subnormal: A British Scandal
  • Channel 4

    Undercover in Africa's Secret State
  • ITV

    Fearless: The Women Fighting Putin

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